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    Guaranteed to lighten up the festivities on any dining room table, or be the holders of your precious keepsakes, this set of SKULL BRAND Hand Carved Skull Shape Teak Wood Bowls are to die for. Not literally of course, because we here at SKULL care, and want you to enjoy these and get the most outta life. Our exclusive set of three skull shaped bowls are treated, so are salad friendly and can hold food. Boy can they hold food. And were talking fruits, and vegetables. Both even. And if you don’t eat, the wood in these bowls is sturdy as teak and not edible anyway, yet good for holding treasures and or trash. The choices are yours, and endless.

    Due to the nature of our production, every item is slightly different, but not in a way you will notice.

    SKULL products are hand made by Balinese craftsmen whose work is considered art. To keep this high level of standard, our production processes do take time. Please keep this in mind. Any queries regarding this will be answered at

    SMALLLENGTH 21 cm WIDTH 15 cm HEIGHT 11,5 cm
    MEDIUMLENGTH 27 cm WIDTH 19 cm HEIGHT 11,5 cm
    LARGELENGTH 33 cm WIDTH 24 cm HEIGHT 11,5 cm


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