These are cute and stylish and hand carved to order. Our 2 1/4″ pool ball SKULL BRAND skulls were originally round. They were the real business, could roll and everything. That soon changed, because in a very short time, in skilled hands, with a bit of know how, transformation took place, and now they roll not. But heck they look good. Like pool? Like pool balls? Like motherboard? Like skulls? Perfect, cause this sums that up corner pocket perfectly. This is a first come best dressed thingy. You know what to do. Thanks.

People love good packaging and rightly so, which is why all our pool ball skulls are delivered in a beautifully crafted, ribbon secured, sturdy and protective SKULL BRAND cardboard boxes making them gift ready or just plain good looking.

SKULL products are hand made by Balinese craftsmen whose work is considered art. To keep this high level of standard, our production processes do take time. Please keep this in mind. Any queries regarding this will be answered at

Certain numbers may be pre ordered, up to # 15, and depending on stock at hand and delivery time restraints.

LENGTH  5.5 cm WIDTH  5 cm HEIGHT  5 cm


1 in stock

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 9 cm


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