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This is a drumstick skull. Well half a drumstick skull. And to be precise, the top half, or the part that hits your cymbals and drum skins. I bought 40 pairs of drumsticks in New York early 2019 with this skull in mind. However, due to the length, after I glued them all together, I decided to chop them it half, and make two skullptures. This is as pleasing as the other, and by no means, better or worse than the other. Each to his own. So, if you fancy owning these unique beats, feel free to purchase them. Badum Tish.

People love good packaging and rightly so, which is why all our Hand Carved drumstick skulls are delivered in a beautifully crafted, ribbon secured, sturdy and protective SKULL BRAND cardboard boxes making them gift ready or just plain good looking.

SKULL products are hand made by Balinese craftsmen whose work is considered art. To keep this high level of standard, our production processes do take time. Please keep this in mind. Any queries regarding this will be answered at info@skullbali.com

LENGTH 16 cm WIDTH 13 cm HEIGHT 22 cm WEIGHT 1.293 kg


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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 21 cm